Family Health First – Stay Healthy During The Holidays


The holidays are always a great time of the year when everyone gathers and gets together with friends and family. Most of us love the holidays because it’s a fun time to decorate, throw a party, have special treats, and showcase grandma’s best recipes!

Because we all tend to do more during the holidays, it can be a stressful time. Most of us get out of the routine here and there, and may even end up eating and doing things we usually don’t. Some of us indulge so much that we end up gaining weight and not exercising as much.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to stay healthy during the holidays; simply add a probiotic to your daily routine.

Here are five reasons why anyone should add a probiotic to their routine, and even their family's routine.

Probiotics Help Your Body Metabolize and Absorb Nutrients

The most important function of the gut is to properly metabolize and absorb nutrients from digestion into our bloodstream. It is estimated that 80% of the population in the US is experiencing “leaky gut” at any point in time.

Leaky gut is when nutrients are not properly metabolized and they start passing right into the bloodstream, causing immune responses and vitamin deficiencies in our bodies. Leaky gut has also been defined as intestinal permeability.

Adding a probiotic to your diet will help the gut to better digest and metabolize the food that is consumed. Lack of absorption has been associated with diets that are high in carbohydrates, processed sugars, and artificial sweeteners. Taking probiotics is important during the holidays because these types of foods are more prevalent in our diets during this time of year.

Probiotics Help Combat Low Energy And Chronic Fatigue

Typically, people go a mile a minute when trying to get everything ready for the holiday. Unfortunately, they also eat more indulgent foods, which can cause low energy levels.

Because probiotics help metabolize and digest the food we eat every day, they also help accelerate the metabolism and prevent people from feeling sluggish and tired.

Feeling chronically tired while also having digestive symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, loose stools, gas, and reflux may mean you may have a “leaky gut” along with an overgrowth of bad gut microbial flora.

Probiotics help add good bacteria in your gut, and adding a probiotic supplement once a day will help maintain a faster metabolism and combat low energy.

Probiotics Help Keep Digestive Issues Under Control

Who doesn’t experience some digestive issues during the holidays, whether it was overindulgence or a special drink or food served?

Digestive issues tend to happen when the body does not have the right balance of probiotics it needs to effectively digest and absorb food. If you are struggling with digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, gas, or bloating during the holidays, it is recommended to start taking a high-quality probiotic to help your gut get back into shape.

If you have an advanced or severe case, it is recommended to take double the dose of probiotics for 7-14 days to feel better faster.

Probiotics Can Give Your Skin A Healthy Glow

Have you noticed your skin changing during the holidays? Typically, blame falls on the cold and drying weather, not our diets.

stay healthy during the holidaysDo you struggle with dry itchy skin or skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema, or notice that maybe your skin is aging faster than it should? If the gut is not properly processing and metabolizing the vitamins that are needed for a healthy skin, then it is keeping our skin from the nutrients that aid in skin renewal and healing.

A diet high in processed carbohydrates, sugar, and artificial sweeteners feeds the “bad bacteria” in our gut and literally starves the probiotic bacteria. If the bad bacteria grow faster than the probiotic bacteria in our gut, our gut becomes out of balance and it starts “leaking”.

When the gut is compromised, the probiotic bacteria becomes less effective in protecting and metabolizing the nutrients from our food and less nutrients pass into the bloodstream. That’s how a lot of vitamin deficiencies originate.

Adding a probiotic to your routine helps your body properly use the nutrients it gets from food, which helps your skin get the vitamins it needs to stay healthy and glowing.

Strengthen Your Immune System With Probiotics

When the weather starts getting colder and the holiday season approaches, so does cold and flu season. An influx in seasonal allergies, common colds, or flu symptoms is a sign that the immune system defenses are low.

Did you know that the gut is now sometimes called “the cradle of our immune system"? 70-80% of your immune system is inside of your gut and the bacteria in your gut has a direct impact on how strong your immune system is.

If your immune system is weak and you are getting sick more than usual, or some of your friends and family are catching colds or the seasonal flu, start strengthening your system with a high quality probiotic.

“Spore Forming” Bacteria, A Revolution in The Probiotics Market

There is a new classification of probiotics called “spore forming” probiotics, which are also found in nature. These occur naturally and the benefit is that spore forming probiotics survive heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and stomach acid.

This is truly a revolution in the probiotic supplement market because most of the probiotics in the market today need a special coating to survive stomach acid and most degrade before we take them due to transportation and changes in the environment by the time they make it into our homes.

Spore forming probiotics are different. They have a natural protective spore layer that keeps them alive despite changes in temperature and gets them through the harsh stomach acid. This means the good bacteria are still alive to open up when the conditions for growth and reproduction are optimal.

Because our gut is warm and contains the right food to help them thrive and colonize, these probiotic bacteria are very effective in completing their journey to the gut, where they make the biggest difference in our health.

Bacillus Coagulans is one strain of spore forming probiotics that is also very versatile because it helps relieve several digestive symptoms. Some of the symptoms it helps relieve are bloating, gas, constipation, and IBS effectively helping strengthen immunity and skin.

Ready To Add Probiotics To Your Routine?

ActiveChange Probiotics contain 15 Billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units) of Bacillus Coagulans, plus a prebiotic to help it reproduce and colonize the gut even faster. Because ActiveChange Probiotics is a spore forming probiotic, a dose of 15 Billion CFUs per tablet is a very potent and concentrated dose.

ActiveChange is science and results based. The product is made here in the US under strict GMP guidelines in a facility that is FDA approved.
• They offer a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee. 
• In addition, Activechange™ Probiotics is free of gluten, lactose, nuts, soy, GMOs or added Animal Ingredients. 
• It is convenient for travel because it does not require refrigeration.

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