What Are CFUs?

In today’s world, people are inundated with miracle drugs and fool-proof supplements. Many claims have a catch-all phrase that rarely proves fruitful. One key number that always comes into your decision when looking for a probiotics supplement is the CFU count. In general, many people take the CFU into account when shopping for probiotics pills and will swear religiously to the correct number attached the acronym. But what are CFUs and why are they so integral in probiotic products?

What Is CFU?

This is an acronym for “colony forming unit”. In essence, each unit is a bacteria that lives and reproduces to form a group of identical bacterias for your stomach. The CFU count on your digestive supplement bottle is the number of colony forming units per serving. An important note in this counting process is that CFUs take into account only the number of live organisms. That means that dead and inactive bacterias are not included. Separately, it is always important to purchase a probiotic that reports their  CFU count on the back label Supplement Facts and provides an expiration date, which means that the established CFU count is guaranteed up to the expiration date.  Lot and expiration dates can usually be found at the bottom or on the side of the bottle.  Be aware that probiotics that list CFUs at “the time of manufacture” do not guarantee that you are taking live bacteria at the time of consumption. What would the point be of taking a high-count probiotic product if all of the organisms counted in that pill were dead or unable to make it to your digestive tract?

Why The Numbers?

Medical knowledge has consistently stated that there is ten times more bacteria in the human body than human cells. With an average of 100 trillion bacteria in our body, the math calculated that five pounds of our total weight can be attributed to bacterial organisms swimming around inside of us. However, a recent article from ScienceNews refutes this claim, stating that new calculations bring the number to a more even balance. The average man, these say, has about 40 trillion bacteria cells along with 30 trillion human cells. The American Academy of Microbiology puts the ratio closer to a three-to-one ratio. At this point, it must be stressed that each person is different and may hold a vastly diverse amount of bacterial cells in the body.

What Number Should I Be Taking?

Theories on the CFU count can vary from person to person. In most cases, using probiotics for digestion daily means that the lower numbers are more appropriate. This range typically falls between 5 and 10 billion CFUs. For aid in solving gastrointestinal issues, anywhere from 15 to 45 billion CFUs is an acceptable practice. Our high-quality probiotics come with 15 billion CFUs in each tablet. As we mentioned in a previous blog, the CFUs in Activechange™ are guaranteed up to expiration date due to our Bacillus coagulans probiotic strain, which survives transportation and stomach acid so it can reach deep into your gut where it matters the most . While other probiotics supplements die on the shelf or are mostly killed by stomach acid before getting to the small intestine, Activechange™ delivers a potent strain of bacteria to help restore the balance in your gut.

When looking for the right probiotics pills, the CFU count is often on the forefront of consideration. The number of Colony Forming Units can be useful in picking the right product for your specific needs. Our Activechange™ Probiotics are designed to deliver the best results you can find and 15 billion CFUs of our hardy probiotic strain goes a long way! We truly believe in manufacturing a quality probiotics supplement so you can get the best value for your money! As an introductory offer, so everyone can try and experience the benefits of our breakthrough probiotic, we are offering Activechange™ at a very special discounted price and it comes with free shipping!   Don’t delay, after you try, we know you will love Activechange™ Probiotics!

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